Tattoo Removal in Dubai | All You Need to Know

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We all have regrets. If your regret is an unfortunate tattoo, lucky for you, it can be removed. No matter what size, color it is and where it is, you can get rid of it. However, here are a few things to know before you decide to remove it:

1.      Get it removed professionally

When we say professionally, we mean by a skilled doctor – a dermatologist, laser therapist or plastic surgeon; certified specialists who know what they’re doing. They’ll be sure to not harm your skin during the process. Tattoo artists and other individuals who aren’t specialized to perform the treatment may end up scarring and infecting your skin. With its fine food and great tourist hangouts, Dubai also has professionals who can remove your tattoos. You can book a specialist online here.

2.      Know that it is not a one-time process

During the laser procedure, the ink is broken down and in the following weeks, the body’s skin regenerates, causing the ink to fade. After a series of treatments, the skin becomes tattoo-free. Moreover, after each visit, the treated area needs to be cared for so that blisters do not form. The individual can feel some discomfort afterward, however, the more the treatments, the less the pain. Doctors say that it can take 10 – 20 treatments to completely eliminate the tattoo however the results depend on the age of the tattoo, the type, size and placement.

3.      What to do after the treatment

Once the treatment is completed, it’ll take time for the skin to heal. The impacted area can get hypopigmented (lighter skin shade) or hyperpigmented (darker skin shade). It can get swollen, red and crusty so follow-up appointments are necessary to ensure that the wound is not getting infected. Usually, the individuals are told to apply an ointment and bandage it on a regular basis. However, instructions vary from person to person. If you want to re-tattoo on the same part of the skin, you’ll have to wait for four weeks at least.

The impact of multiple laser treatments on the tattoo.
The impact of multiple laser treatments on the tattoo.

4.      Tattoo removal is expensive

People tend to opt for inexperienced individuals for tattoo removal just to save money but it actually ends up costing more. The skin can get permanently damaged and scarred and so, getting the removal done by a specialist is vital. In Dubai, the average price for laser tattoo removal is AED 4,500. Some doctors provide a free consultation so prior to getting the tattoo removed, so you can voice your concerns to the doctor.

Hakeem Fact: Around 40% of the world has one or multiple tattoos and around 24% of the people with a tattoo(s) regret getting it, making tattoo removal a popular treatment today.

Remember, tattoo removal is a time consuming and expensive procedure, however, it is rewarding because after it, you’ll have no regrets! What a time to be alive – we can actually erase the mistakes in our life.

Woman getting her eye liner tattoo removed by a dermatologist.
Even permanent make-up tattoos can be removed by professionals.

Personal experience:

"I have multiple tattoos over my body. I feel that they’re a way of expressing myself. I got a tattoo on my shoulder earlier in 2005 which I wasn’t happy with. It covered half of my arm, and I developed social anxiety because of it. I couldn’t go out of the house without draping a shawl over myself! In 2018, I knew that I had to get rid of it. At first I was skeptical about the risks, but then I opted for a professional dermatologist near my house and after a free consultation, and multiple sessions, my tattoo was gone! I couldn’t have been happier." – Maryam Sultan.

Tattoo Removal in Dubai | All You Need to Know
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