Mole Removal in Dubai | All You Need to Know

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“When I was young, I tried scrubbing off the mole on my chin. My father told me that my mole, like other moles, was made with a magic marker and it could not be removed. As I grew, the mole did too. When I turned eighteen, it became a part of my personality which could not be ignored. The small brown bump with hair popping out of it was probably the first thing that people noticed about me. I wanted it to go,” says Yuvraj from Dubai. “I was told that without scarring my skin, and quite painlessly, the mole could go if I visited a good dermatologist. I was relieved. I booked one online, and in that very visit, I was mole-free!”

Tired of your mole? Get rid of it today.

Here’s is a step-by-step guide to getting your mole removed in Dubai:

1.      Make sure that it is your decision

Don’t be forced into removing your mole just because a friend did it or if people around you are suggesting you to do so. Yes, suggestions are appreciated but this decision should come from your heart. A mole does not make you imperfect. In fact, it makes you unique! However, if you feel that having it removed will make you feel better, then go for it. Some people develop anxiety and self-esteem issues and having moles and scars removed helps boost their confidence. Sometimes, a mole needs to be removed for health purposes.

The skin's surface before and after mole removal.
The skin's surface before and after mole removal.

2.      Do your homework beforehand

Home removal remedies are a big no-no! Not only can they permanently damage your skin, but the aftermath can result in infection, scarring and bleeding. Skin cancer can arise from a mole so it’s best that you book an appointment with a specialist online to get your mole examined and later on removed. Search for certified doctors near you who specialize in mole removal and get a consultation done.

3.      Understand the procedure

A mole is mostly removed through two methods; shave excision and surgical excision. In the first procedure, the doctor slices off your mole using a scalpel-like tool. Quite often, the mole is studied and photographed before the treatment proceeds. And of course, a numbing injection is given or an ointment is applied to lessen the discomfort. The doctor will already inform you about the time of the procedure depending on the type, placement and size of the mole. If the mole removal involves stitches, they will be removed in two weeks ’ time. If not, you can follow-up to see if the skin is healing fine. In the latter procedure, which is surgical excision, the entire mole is cut and the skin is then stitched. This cut is deeper and treatment is more extensive.

A mole on the neck about be removed at the doctor's clinic.
A mole about be removed at the doctor's clinic.

4.      Know how to take care after the procedure

The healing process varies from person to person. For some it’s a week, for others, it is several. Some pro tips involve not exposing the skin to the Dubai sun, keeping it clean, changing the dressing on a regular basis, and not scratching or stretching it. If you feel that a scar is forming or the skin is rough and itchy, consult your doctor. Sometimes a scar is expected and the doctor will inform you about it beforehand. Stress can also hinder the healing process so make sure that you’re relaxed.

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Most moles are harmless and do not need to be removed. However, if they’re not allowing you to be your true self and you’re better without them, go for the removal!

Mole Removal in Dubai | All You Need to Know
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