Top 10 General Practitioners in Dubai

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Health is our greatest asset and medical professionals around the world make sure that we stay fit and disease-free to live our best lives. Dubai nestles in itself great specialists and state of the art healthcare facilities for its residents. Given below are the city’s best general practitioners:

1.      Dr. Emad El Dina Arafa

One of the most popular doctors, Dr. Emad is a member of multiple prestigious academies and has a remarkable educational background.

2.      Dr. Hesham Elsayed

Known as an understanding and well-experienced doctor, Dr. Hashem is the solution to all your health-related worries.

3.      Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ali Eltom

If your hormones are acting out, pay a visit to Dr. Mohamed for he can fix your endocrine system in a jiffy.

4.      Dr. Tariq S. Akbar

Dr, Tariq is your go-to family doctor as he provides comprehensive primary healthcare for all ages! He’s also an expert when it comes to family planning.

5.      Dr. Ahmed Javid

With eleven years of being a GP and proficiency in six languages, no patient leaves unsatisfied from Dr. Ahmed’s clinic.

6.      Dr. Dina Abdelmajid

Affiliated with the Royal College of Physicians and education from Egypt and the UK, Dr. Dina is a wonder woman in her field.

7.      Dr. Mohamed Soliman

Available at NMC Specialty Hospital, Dr. Mohamed is a professional in curing chronic diseases and endocrine disorders.

8.      Dr. Henry Galuba

Dr. Galuba has over twenty-three years of experience and specializes in treating diseases ranging from diabetes, hypertension, strokes, and infections.

9.      Dr. Leila Mayra

With a five star rating and her ability to explain everything clearly and provide the best treatment makes her one of the top GPs of Dubai.

10.  Dr. Qutbuddin Saify

Fluent in five languages, Dr. Qutbuddin is the favorite of many. He’s recommended not only because of his expertise in the field but also because of his caring nature.

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Top 10 General Practitioners in Dubai
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