Premarital Screening in Qatar - All You Need to Know

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Qatar has always been inclined towards investing in healthcare for its residents. Its public and private hospitals have substantial facilities and experienced professionals. As of 2009, a law has been passed in Qatar which requires premarital testing to be done before marriage. It is a compulsion and many clinics and hospitals offer the service some of which include: Al Ahli Hospital (QR 1240 per person), Al Emadi Hospital (QR 2300 for a couple) and Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center (QR 2500 for a couple).

So what is premarital screening?

When we talk about premarital screening, we refer to a number of tests that have to be performed on the couple wishing to get married. These are done so that diseases can be prevented from being transferred onto their children and to each other. Usually, genetic, sexually transmitted diseases, and infectious diseases are tested through this mandatory screening.

Hakeem's Note: The online registration for the Premarital Health Checkup is only if one of the spouse is Qatari or from from the GCC.

Why is premarital screening beneficial?

The screening insures that you and your partner lead a healthy and prosperous life free of any diseases that could be prevented beforehand. Moreover, it also increases the chances of the off spring’s well-being.

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It's better to be safe than sorry!

What are some of the diseases that can be diagnosed with the screening?

Some of the diseases are: Sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, polycystic alveoli (echinococcosis), homocystinuria, hepatitis, AIDS, syphilis, and HIV.

How do I register for a premarital health check online?

You can register online on the Hukoomi website.

1)      Enter your QID (Qatar ID number) and the last name in the QID card.

2)      Click on the ‘search’ button.

3)      Login to avail the service by using your email and password.

How do I find healthcare centers near me that offer this service?

You can find a list of clinics and hospitals through the official website of Ministry of Public Health, Qatar.

Hakeem's Note: If you’re an expat you go only to these branches of the healthcare centers: Airport, Al Khor, West Bay, Al Rayyan, Al Gharrafa during the morning shift from 7 AM to 2 PM without any booking, just take a number wait for your turn.

Can other people know about the screening results?

The results are confidential and will be handed to you by the clinic.

How long does the entire process take?

The blood samples usually take 5-7 days to be delivered. If the result show no sign of disease, the marriage certificate will then be handed to the couple. If there is an issue, the doctor will proceed with counseling and treatment.

What is premarital counselling?

Premarital counselling is a therapy that prepares the couples for marriage and their life ahead. It is always a good idea to invest your time and money as premarital counselling allows you to understand your relationship better, and start the journey of togetherness by deciphering each other and working on the weaknesses. You can book the best premarital counselors here.

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Why risk the future of your child?

Marriage is a beautiful knot between two people and the screening only allows the ceremony to be carried out without any worries of the future. If you have any questions regarding premarital screening in Qatar, jot them down in the comments below!

Premarital Screening in Qatar - All You Need to Know
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