How to Get a Sick Leave in Qatar – A 3 Step Guide

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Achoo! You’ve got the flu. Your legs feel all wobbly and weak and you can’t muster the energy to get out of bed. It feels like you’ve got an entire load of bricks on your back and your watery eyes can see that you’re already late for work. But, the last thing you want to do is to face that bulk of files on your desk.

How exactly do you get a sick leave in Qatar?

Step 1: Visit the nearest doctor

Visit the closest clinic to your house and get yourself examined. The specialist will be the best judge of your condition. After you’re checked, ask the doctor to write you a sick leave. The healthcare practitioner will either do that manually or if he/she is registered with QCHP (Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners), an electronic sick leave will be issued to you. The benefit of an electronic certificate is that it can be validated by your institution using your Qatar ID or passport number.

Sick Leave in Qatar
Your doc knows your condition best.

Step 2: Follow the doc’s instructions

Sometimes the doctors do not issue a sick leave because they believe that you’re not too sick to be off work or not in school. They’ll prescribe some medicines and after popping those, you’ll be on your road to recovery. Fear not, the doctor is probably right. After the medicines work their magic, you won’t be feeling as miserable you were before. If you still opt to not show up at work, understand the workplace policies. Some places do not mark an off-day as a sick leave unless you bring in the stamped paper from the doctor’s office. In the end, your well-being and mental health comes first so it’s fine to take a day off and relax that mind of yours.

Sick Leave in Qatar
You'll be better before you know it!

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Hakeem’s Note: Under the Qatar Labor Law an employee is entitled to a specific amount of paid sick leave each year. But of course, you have to prove that you are actually ill.

Step 3: Give your employer/teacher the sick leave

When you receive the electronic or manual sick leave, you can send it to your employer on that very day or you can bring it in after your day(s) off. Your leaves will be marked as sick days and will be paid for. Employers also offer health insurance that covers a variety of treatments. Individuals who have the Qatar health card, can get their medication at a much-discounted price.

Sick Leave in Qatar
Don't worry, employers understand. 

If you’re sick and you’re reading this, we hope you get well soon! Illness is an inevitable part of life, however, you can book the best doctors online and bid the blues goodbye.

How to Get a Sick Leave in Qatar – A 3 Step Guide
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