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The Ministry of Health and Prevention approved homeopathic procedures in 2001. From health problems like PCOS to baldness, the individuals of Dubai have opted for homeopathy treatment, overtime. According to Gulf News who interviewed the chairperson of a widely spread homeopathy clinic in UAE last year, homeopathy is no longer the second choice for many people. Practiced in over 70 countries worldwide, homeopathy has gained popularity among the individuals in Dubai as it can address a wide range of health issues and prevent drastic measures such as surgery.

What is homeopathy?

Started in the early 1700s, homeopathy is a treatment based on the use of highly diluted natural substances. It has the medical belief that the body can cure itself. Water, plants, and minerals are believed to act as a catalyst to the healing process. According to Khaleej Times, there are over 250 licensed homeopaths in the UAE and the practice is relatively common now.

How is a homeopathic doctor different from a regular doctor?

Doctors majorly rely on lab test results, symptoms and their understanding of the disease. They prescribe medicines and in case of extensive treatments and emergencies, refer to surgeons. Homeopaths, on the other hand, aim to treat the ‘patient’ no matter what the disease is. They rely on what the patient feels and says, even if the symptoms do not fall in place. Their medicine is diluted and made mostly with natural substances. Surgical treatment is a homeopath’s last resort.

Do insurance plans in UAE cover homeopathic treatments?

Yes, most insurance plans in the UAE cover homeopathic treatments. Some of them reimburse the amount after the treatment has taken place. However, it is best to check with your insurance beforehand.

Can homeopathic doctors cure chronic illnesses?

Homeopathy can cure chronic diseases with a long-time commitment to the treatment and lifestyle changes. People have reported great results however for some homeopathic procedures have not provided any relief. According to homeopathic doctors, the key is patience as with homeopathy it takes time but the results will eventually come. The curing process depends on some other factors as well such as, is the condition hereditary, how long has the patient had it for, what is the type and severity of the disease, and how is the patient’s psychological well-being.

Woman and son getting homeopathic treatment.
Some families only opt for homeopathic treatment!

Where can I find a good homeopathic doctor near me?

The top homeopathic doctors in the UAE can be found on this website. They can be filtered according to location, insurance and sub-specialties and the appointment can be booked online with ease.

What can I expect at an appointment with a homeopath?

The appointment will be just like any regular doctor’s appointment however you can find the homeopathic doctor to be more invested in you since you can expect to be asked questions about your emotional and physical well-being as well as about your lifestyle. Then the doctor will tailor your medication based on your symptoms.

Here are some myths about homeopathy:

·        Some people believe that all homeopathic medicines are loosely the same white-colored sweet pills, however, that is not true. They may look or taste alike but they perform different functions and are tailored to specific needs. Other than pills, homeopathic medicines are also available as injections, gels, ointments, and lotions.

·        People believe that homeopathic treatment acts slowly whereas that is not the case. Sometimes they resort to homeopathic treatment only when their condition has worsened and regular medicine has not worked for them. In that case, of course, treatment can take time!

·        Some people tend to believe that homeopathic medicines act on the ‘placebo effect’ which means that the pills are dummy, and are psychologically used to treat the patient. This is completely false!

Homeopathy Treatment in Dubai | All You Need to Know
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