Ectopic Pregnancy in Dubai | All You Need to Know

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Not every woman goes through a low-risk and safe pregnancy period. Though there are many conditions that can make a pregnancy a high-risk one, ectopic pregnancy is a life-taking condition where the fertilized egg is implanted outside the womb. A commonly known type of ectopic pregnancy is tubal pregnancy in which the egg gets implanted in the tube. It can cause the tube to rupture or worse, burst. In the UAE, around 3-4% of births are ectopic and the risk of death is around 0.3%. In 2018, Emirates hospital reported three ectopic pregnancy cases for the sake of awareness. If the case is not reported on time, it might prove to be fatal for the mother.

What causes an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy can be caused because of a damaged fallopian tube and hormonal imbalances. You’re at risk of having an ectopic pregnancy if you’ve previously had one, you have a sexually transmitted disease, you’ve had a tubal surgery done, you’re getting fertility treatments, and if you’re a smoker. You’re also at risk if you get pregnant whilst using an intrauterine device. However, getting pregnant with IUD is rare.

What are the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy occurs within the very first few weeks. Some common symptoms include: pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, vomiting, nausea, upset stomach, sharp abdominal cramps, shoulder ache or neck pain and dizziness.

How does one deal with an ectopic pregnancy?

Doctors perform a pelvic exam and a pregnancy test. You can see the baby’s position in the ultrasound. Once the ectopic pregnancy is confirmed, in order to prevent any health problems, medication is given or surgery is performed. Usually, a laparoscopy is performed. In most of the cases, the baby is not saved. This is because the baby cannot grow outside a uterus.

An image showing the difference between a healthy and an ectopic pregnancy.
An image showing the difference between a healthy and an ectopic pregnancy.

How long should I wait after an ectopic pregnancy to try again?

The complications in each case vary and your doctor can guide you in the best manner. If your fallopian tube has been removed, it might be hard to lead a healthy pregnancy. Most specialists suggest a waiting period of three months of three months. If you’re dealing with emotional grief because of your loss, share your concerns with a therapist. Your mental well-being matters the most.

How can an ectopic pregnancy be prevented?

There are no certain ways to prevent an ectopic pregnancy. However, it is advised to quit smoking before getting pregnant. You should also make sure that your partner is tested negative for any diseases that can be transmitted sexually.

What can I do if I feel I have an ectopic pregnancy?

If you feel that your pregnancy is not normal, you can book an appointment with the best doctor for ectopic pregnancy near you, online. The doctor can test and guide you further.

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Ectopic Pregnancy in Dubai | All You Need to Know
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