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If it hurts on the outside, it hurts more on the inside. We get infections, cuts and fever symptoms treated but forget that our emotional wounds need just as much attention, if not more. If you’re one of those people who feel tired without a reason, have trouble concentrating, feel worthless, anxious and gloomy and have lately lost interest in life, you might be experiencing symptoms of depression. Whilst it can go away on its own, most times it doesn’t and it leads to other complications.

Take Hakeem’s quiz to find out if you’re depressed or not. The results may vary from person to person and for complete accuracy, visit a specialist to seek help.

When taking the quiz remember to:

·         Answer all questions honestly.

·         Jot down your answers. Example: 1-A, 2-B, etc.

1.      In the last two weeks, how often have you gotten suicidal thoughts?

a)      At the back of my mind, I always feel like hurting myself.

b)      Every other day.

c)      Sometimes.

d)     I don’t remember feeling that way.

2.      How long does it take you to fall asleep?

a)      More than an hour. My thoughts keep me awake.

b)      I force myself to sleep within 30 minutes.

c)      Sometimes it takes time, other times I can drift off quickly.

d)     Not long at all.

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Woman suffering from insomnia.
Your body needs its rest. Don't let depression get the better of you.

3.      How does all this impact your appetite?

a)      I forget I have to eat.

b)      Overthinking can lead me to emotionally eat.

c)      My mood something impacts my eating.

d)     I don’t let anything come between me and my meals.

4.      How often do you get mood swings?

a)      Every other minute.

b)      Every day.

c)      Occasionally.

d)     I can control my moods.

5.      Do your mood swings impact the others around you?

a)      Yes, but I can’t help it.

b)      When I get extreme ones, then yes.

c)      Only if I let them.

d)     I don’t get mood swings.

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6.      How do you feel about yourself?

a)      I feel numb, sad, and anxious.

b)      I sometimes feel useless.

c)      I feel like I can do so much if only I wasn’t feeling so low all the time.

d)     My feelings change from time to time.

7.      What is your current energy level?

a)      1-3

b)      3-5

c)      5-7

d)     7-9

8.      What is your current motivation level?

a)      1-3

b)      3-5

c)      5-7

d)     7-9

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9.      What do you feel about your future?

a)      I feel hopeless.

b)      I feel scared thinking about it.

c)      I don’t want to think about it.

d)     I feel hopeful about it.

10.  Do you have difficulty making decisions?

a)      Always.

b)      Most times.

c)      Sometimes.

d)     Hardly.

11.  How often do you feel that everything is your fault?

a)      I always feel that way.

b)      I mostly feel that way.

c)      I sometimes feel that way.

d)     I hardly feel that way.

12.  Do you feel trapped?

a)      Always.

b)      Most times.

c)      Sometimes.

d)     Hardly.

Man seeking therapy.
Open up to your loved ones, they care for you. 

13.  Do you feel that every good thing will be taken from you?

a)      Always

b)      Most times.

c)      Sometimes.

d)     Hardly.

14.  At a social gathering, what are you most likely to do?

a)      I won’t ever go to one.

b)      I will stand or sit in the corner, away from all the attention.

c)      I will try to interact.

d)     I will be the center of attention.

Mostly A’s

You’re most likely suffering from depression and it is taking a toll on your life for the worst. It is time to understand that none of it is your fault and that with professional help, you can lead a healthy, happy and stress-free life.

Mostly B’s

You’re suffering from mild depression and it is important to not keep swallowing in your emotions. You deserve to be heard. It is time to banish depression before it starts to affect you and your loved ones.

Mostly C’s

You’re trying to cope up with life one day at a time but know that stress can be dealt with in many ways. Stress is inevitable but stress-management is not.

Mostly D’s

You’re likely not depressed and we hope that with the will power that you have, you stay that way!

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Do You Know: A psychologist or a therapist helps treat problems mainly with therapy whilst a psychiatrist does so through medication? Either way, both kids of doctors can pop the depression bubble!

Remember, depression is treatable with medication and therapy. There is no embarrassment in opening up to a family member, friend, counselor or therapist.

Am I Depressed? | Take Our Quiz
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