Al Kayyali Leading Patient Satisfaction in Qatar

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The sweet scent of roses, a short metal fence gate, a lush patch of grass, and a giant ash tree looming over the brick fence. Al Kayyali Medical Center is an island of bliss in the midst of a beige backdrop.

al kayyali center in qatar rose garden and natural seating area

Easy to access right off the main road with parking in front of the main gate, Al Kayyali offers you the serenity you need when you feel at your worst.

Being known in Qatar for top pediatric treatments since 1984, Al Kayyali Center’s medical team are fully equipped with everything they need for children. This includes a miniature playground outside and nature-inspired seats inside and outside the center.  Paintings and stickers of cartoon characters grace the walls and the staff make sure the children are smiling when they walk into the doctor’s office.

outdoor children play area at al kayyali medical in qatar

Every section of the medical center is clearly marked and easy to access to all those who visit. The departments include:

Along with multiple other interchangeable clinics such as cardiology, urology, and fitness and diet.

detailed gate and entrance to al kayyali medical in qatar with marked locations

Founded by Dr. Mohammed Manar Kayyali, a well known pediatrician in Qatar, the center is meant to provide the patients the best services, focusing on the children of course!

The managing director at the medical center, Yousef Kayyali said that the patients are the most integral part of their journey and without them the center would not have lasted so long. “Although we have been here for a while now, our aim is to continue being the most trusted doctors for patients residing in Qatar,” he added.

dr shireen khalil dermatologist at al kayyali medical center in qatar

Dr. Shireen Khalil, is one of Meddy’s top rated Dermatologists with experience stretching 20 years in cosmetics and beauty, she also weighed in on the patient relations and how important they are to the clinic.

“I try to always allow the patient to let me know what he/she wants before I start my consultation. Every person is looking for something different when they come to see a doctor, and the whole center works and should continue to work towards making that happen.”

rose garden at al kayyali center entrance in qatar

There you have it!! Patient satisfaction is the most essential part of Al Kayyali Medical Center’s function and your needs will be their top priority. Visit the center now and see for yourself the comfort and relaxation experienced by many others before you, more specifically for your children!

Al Kayyali Leading Patient Satisfaction in Qatar
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