Aaa-Choo! Say No to the Flu!

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The season of the formidable flu has arrived and it’s time to buckle up!

Never suffer from the flu again. With Meddy’s guide to combat the seasonal illness, you’re good to go. The weather change during the end of October brings with itself an alarming number of people getting the seasonal cold. November is the time to gear up for the holiday season and festivities and if you don’t want to spend it with a runny pink nose, sore throat, and aching body, it’s time for you to get the flu shot.

Reasons why YOU should get the flu shot TODAY.

·         It takes around two weeks for the antibiotics to work and that means that the clock is ticking. Not getting the flu shot puts you on the risk of getting influenza and other diseases that can be prevented. Getting a shot may sound scary but staying on bed rest for weeks is scarier.

·         During the mid-November season, hospitals all over the globe are swarmed with patients with the flu. November is the month to visit the family, and not the family doctor, so get your flu shot with the best specialist on board beforehand.

·         If you’re pregnant, the vaccine will help shield you and your baby from all the nasty and contagious diseases out there. Do it for the child! Fun fact: The vaccine is known to protect the child for months after it is born.

·         The flu spreads! If you get vaccinated, you won’t be able to spread the bugger to your loved ones.

In case you’re already suffering from the flu, it is recommended that you get it treated before the symptoms get worse.

Man, woman and children in bed blowing their nose.
If one person in the house has it, others might get it too!

But I got vaccinated last year?

Your immune system’s defense declines with time and for maximum protection, you should get the shot annually. Moreover, with the climatic changes, the types of flu out there aren’t all the same. With technological advances, better vaccines are being marketed yearly.

Can everyone get a flu shot?

Most people can and should get vaccinated. Howsoever, some people might not be able to get the shot because of their health conditions. For example, some vaccines contain a type of egg protein in them and people allergic to eggs need to be monitored whilst being vaccinated with a different vaccine suited for them. Everyone has a unique body. If you’ve had any reactions to vaccines in the past and you’re concerned, consult your doctor to walk you through the procedure.

Where can I get vaccinated?

Flu shots are offered in many clinics and healthcare centers. You can find a practice based on your location and needs in the following list:

Flu shots being offered in the U.A.E:

·         American Hospital (Dubai) for AED 280

·         Al Zahra Hospital (Sharjah) for AED 99

·         NMC Specialty Hospital (Al Nahda) for AED 266

Hakeem’s tips to stay flu-free this season:

1)      Keep your hands clean. Wash them as often as possible.

2)      Stay away from crowds and areas where you know the flu has spread.

3)      Hydrate yourself and sleep well.

4)      Disinfect contaminated places.

5)      Prefer home-cooked meals over eating out.

6)      Get a flu shot!

Aaa-Choo! Say No to the Flu!
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